Sofía Dourron

Catalogue: Temporada fulgor. Foto Estudio Luisita Buenos Aires

Catalogue: Temporada fulgor. Foto Estudio Luisita Buenos Aires

Foto Estudio Luisita November 2021
Buenos Aires

From the time of their reencounter in Buenos Aires in 1958, Luisa and Chela Escarria—the Colombian sisters who founded, owned, and ran, singlehandedly, the Foto Estudio Luisita—began building a domestic temple devoted to capturing the beauty of others. In their home-studio on Corrientes Avenue, they portrayed vedettes, models, dancers, comics, singers, musicians, actors, contortionists and acrobats, tropical bands and drum troupes; an occasional child might, in all their innocence, be portrayed on the same plush ottoman as the others. These stars and starlets would pose, one after another, in the same three-square meters at the entrance to the apartment where the sisters lived and worked along with their mother, Eva, their pets and competition canaries. Born into a family of photographers, Luisa and Chela put together a ritual based on repetition and an economy of resources, creating some of the most iconic images of Argentine popular culture.

Temporada Fulgor, MALBA, Buenos Aires, December 2021.