Sofía Dourron

Bogus Explanations

Bogus Explanations

Joaquín Boz June 2023
Buenos Aires, Barcelona

Explaining painting is never a simple task. In fact, it is practically impossible. Everything I claim from now on must then be taken as bogus, not in the sense of “contrary to the truth” but as simulacra devoid of any certainty. To be more specific, it is a series of speculative propositions entangled with certain information about reality that may help us encircle what we intuit but cannot name with images and pretty words in Joaquín Boz’s paintings. To put it another way, rather than an explanation, this text is an attempt to draw nearer to Joaquín’s paintings, a further insistence on getting to know them beyond what they wish to be known or, probably, beyond the limits of our own capabilities to know them. As if we were telling three different versions of the same story, I shall attempt below three possible explanations of his works.

In Joaquín Boz, KBB, Barcelona and Buenos Aires, 2023.